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Channel 4 Film Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields is a step towards International War Crime Investigation

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Press release by CWVHR

June 14, 2011


Channel 4 Film Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields is a step towards International War Crime Investigation


The Centre for War Victims and Human Rights welcomes the documentary film

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields of Channel  4 in the United Kingdom. This telecasting by Channel  4  in the UK at 11.05 p.m.  today, and later internationally at www.Channel4.com/4oD,  will undoubtedly enhance the effort to call for international investigation of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity committed by the Sri Lankan State and other warring parties.


This documentary speaks of volumes of War Crimes committed largely by the Sri Lankan State, under cover of wiping out terrorism.  Sri Lankan Military, Navy and Air Force had bombed and shelled hospitals, schools, churches and temples and “no-fire zones” which were declared as such by the armed forces. Thousands of innocent civilians were killed and lost their limbs. Families with their children were brutally bulldozed while seeking protection from bombardment.

The Centre(CWVHR) believes that this film can change the consciousness of the world, if not the conscience of Sri Lankan State and its rulers.

This Documentary poses the question to the Human Rights World as to what prevented them from saving thousands of innocent lives, while over 100,000 perished in April and May 2009 alone. Was it fear, prejudice, or lack of courage and respect towards humanity?


CWVHR is willing to assist any International Investigation on War crimes with hundreds of testimonies and witnesses who were present in the war zone while War crimes were committed. Thousands of witnesses in Wanni where these atrocities were committed will come forward with their stories, if an internationally guaranteed witness protection programme is established.  The Centre also can present hundreds of sworn affidavits testifying to these war crimes.


It is the responsibility of the International Community including Canada to support the report of UN Experts Panel which says there is credible evidence to warrant investigation of War Crimes committed by Sri Lankan State on innocent Tamils.


For Media Contact: 416 300 7026 or   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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